Howies White Cloth Hockey Tape (Single)
Imagine playing every night, all week long on your favorite outdoor rink and never having to re-t..
Howies Black Cloth Hockey Tape (Single)
It’s exactly thirty seven minutes until puck drop, but who’s counting?  You are,..
Howies 1.5” White Cloth Hockey Tape (Single)
Win or lose, when the fat lady sings, you always greet your ‘tender first.  Our durabl..
Howies 1.5” Black Cloth Hockey Tape (Single)
The puck drops in an hour and you're still 53 miles outside of Grand Forks.  Heading rig..
Howies Loaded Tape Tin (Choose 3 Rolls)
Hockey players will never agree on the best way to tape a twig. Heel to toe or toe to heel? Black..