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Custom Pucks

Howies custom printed hockey pucks are Canadian made. They will perform better, last longer, and look great. We use a special printing method that ensures your logo will appear perfectly, no matter how detailed or how many colors. You will be satisfied with our printed custom logo hockey pucks.


There are no plate fees, setup fees, or color matching fees. The price you see is the price you pay.

Artwork Fees
There are no fees if the provided artwork is camera ready and acceptable. Modifications, adjustments, formatting, etc. are available. Contact us for a quote.


  50 pucks 100 pucks 200 pucks 300 pucks 400 pucks 500 pucks 1,000 pucks and up
1 Color 3.10 per puck 2.20 per puck 2.15 per puck 2.10 per puck 2.05 per puck 1.95 per puck 1.85 per puck
2 Color 3.20 per puck 2.30 per puck 2.25 per puck 2.20 per puck 2.15 per puck 2.05 per puck 1.95 per puck
3 Color 3.30 per puck 2.40 per puck 2.35 per puck 2.30 per puck 2.25 per puck 2.15 per puck 2.05 per puck
4 Color 3.40 per puck 2.50 per puck 2.45 per puck 2.40 per puck 2.35 per puck 2.25 per puck 2.15 per puck
5 Color 3.50 per puck 2.60 per puck 2.55 per puck 2.50 per puck 2.45 per puck 2.35 per puck 2.25 per puck
6 Color 3.60 per puck 2.70 per puck 2.65 per puck 2.60 per puck 2.55 per puck 2.45 per puck 2.35 per puck
7 Color 3.70 per puck 2.80 per puck 2.75 per puck 2.70 per puck 2.65 per puck 2.55 per puck 2.45 per puck
These prices are for printing on one side - Second side printing is available at a reduced price of .50 less per puck

College & Pro Team Pricing
Special College and Pro team pricing available. Please inquire for details.

Sample Pucks 01


1. Art - Email Howies at Please include:

  • Your camera ready art (see artwork guidelines)
  • Estimated order size
  • Contact Information
  • Any questions or comments

2. Proof - We will email a proof ASAP. Please review it and reply to the email if the art is acceptable.

3. Order - Contact us and we will move forward with your order.

Artwork Guidelines

  • Artwork should be created in a vector based program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw
  • Artwork files should be saved as: .ai, .cdr, or .eps
  • The artwork file cannot contain any Raster or pixel based images such as .bmp, .jpg, .psd, .tif, .pcx, .png ect.
  • The artwork should be created in a manner which allows for quick and easy color separation. The file should also be scalable or created and sent as the proper size.
  • If the artwork file contains any text - the text must either be converted to curves or outlines, or the font file(s) which are used must also be sent.


College Teams
Junior & Youth Teams
Weddings and Special Occasions

Logo Wear

Howies hand wipes each puck with a special solution to increase adhesion before applying our durable ink. However, despite our industry leading printing method, ice surfaces are very abrasive and logo wear is inevitable. We make the highest quality custom logo pucks on the market, and yet we still cannot guarantee the logo once the puck sees game use.

Although unlikely, some of our custom pucks have shown wear after just a period and others will last several games without any wear. Logo wear usually depends on the ice conditions. Keep in mind that most pucks go out of play well before the logo begins to show wear. NHL game pucks are used for approximately 2-3 minutes (20-30 pucks per game). Most high level games (Travel, Junior, College, and minor pro) go through 20 logo pucks per game as well.

Terms & Conditions

Credit card or check, due on shipment. All major credit cards accepted.

Freight is prepaid on single shipments of $2,000 or greater to one location. Orders totaling less than $2,000 will be sent ground freight at the buyer's expense. Some free shipping restrictions apply.

Sales Taxes
Sales taxes are not included in the above prices. Sales tax will be charged where applicable.

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