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Get sponsored by the World's Highest Quality Hockey Tape! Get free tape, laces, water bottles, and Howies gear. Check out current and past Howies Players of the Month. Apply here by clicking on the banner on the left side of the page and entering your information.


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Each month, Howies Hockey, Inc. will select one applicant as “player of the month”. Submitting your information does not guarantee that you will be selected. Applying once makes you eligible for future selections. The selected applicant will receive only 1 complimentary package from Howies Hockey Tape. Howies Hockey, Inc. reserves the right to determine the contents of the package. Being selected as the player of the month does not create any partnership or contract between the two parties. Howies Hockey, Inc. reserves the right to change, alter, or terminate the “player of the month” program at any time without notice. No purchase necessary to be eligible for consideration.

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