Howies Helps Fight ALS

 The Story

On a random Saturday night after a long day of hockey games and homework, we found ourselves dozing off with ESPN playing on the television. Hockey was on so of course we had one eye open but it wasn’t a game, it was piece about University of Michigan Hockey, a coach that was there before we were born and a hockey player named Scott Matzka. We learned he got sick and the disease was ALS. We saw him in a wheel chair, with a breathing tube and then a montage of pictures of his wife and two little kids. We looked at each other and just said, “We’ll help him.”, and drifted off to sleep. Over the next couple of days we learned Scott’s full story and how he had died a few years ago. With heavy hearts we started to discuss what we could do and it didn’t take long to decide we would play our game in his honor. We can get a rink, get our high school team and an opponent on board and charge $10 admission because Scott wore #10 at U of M. By doing this, we hope to help families affected by ALS with their home remodeling or healthcare costs. We play hockey seven days a week and sometimes the grind gets to us, but Scott’s story reminded us how lucky we are that our legs can skate, our hands can stick handle and our arms can shoot and score. ALS took that away from Scott and the opportunity for him to teach his kids to skate and play like our dad did. There’s no rhyme or reason behind who gets ALS – no pinpoint able cause and more devastatingly, there’s no cure. That’s why we decided to use our game for good to raise money for research, awareness and the families. We take a lot for granted as humans moving through this world generally, and playing hockey specifically, so our hope is that our endeavor inspires enough gratefulness, empathy, humility and compassion to make a meaningful impact within the ALS Community.