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Howies Hockey Tape Grand Rapids Griffins Locker Room Team Sale Bulk Volume Discount Pricing

Why use Howies?

Howies is the preferred supplier for pro, college, junior, and semi-pro locker rooms across the North America. You can purchase a year's worth of supplies, and ideally, you'll have to replenish that inventory come playoff time. If you're the equipment manager of your team and actively looking to step the ante up in the locker room, we're here to make sure you get taken care of. Trust us, your players will appreciate the gesture. There's a reason why we're the most used brand in any college and semi-pro locker room. There's a price to sit on the big boy table, and that's delivering quality products at the right price and at the right time - good thing we're experts in that field.

Howies Hockey Tape Las Vegas Golden Knights Locker Room Team Sale Bulk Volume Discount Pricing

"There's a reason why Howies is the most requested in the locker room - the highest quality hockey demands the highest quality tape. It also helps that [Howies] is the easiest company to work with in my experience." 

- Chris, Equipment Manager for the Vegas Golden Knights

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Who Uses Howies?

We're in locker rooms in the NHL, AHL, NCAA, OHL, and all other major teams across North America. Whether it's cases of tape, boxes of wax, laces ordered to your exact specifications, water bottles for the bench, or grinding wheels for your skate sharpener - whatever it may be, we've got you covered. We'll make sure you get hooked up with the highest quality products in an unbelievable turnaround speed. Plus, you get to talk to us on the phone, and we love talking hockey.

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Howies For My Team?

For you guys who serve as the assistant to the general manager for your men's league team, we won't be able to set you up like we do for everyone else, but we've got some pretty sweet deals on our website if you're looking for a thirty-pack of clear to tide you over for the season. However, if you think you'd be able to meet our minimum volume requirements, we'd be more than happy to send you a pricing guide. A quote for a full line of our products or answers to any questions you might have can be directed to us in the form of an email or a phone call below.


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