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What is #StickWithTheBest?

How do we define the the hashtag that holds a place in all of our posts throughout every social media platform? The phrase that you've probably seen at a glance while browsing through our Instagram page or our Twitter feed? When we first brainstormed the idea, we all agreed that the tagline had to capture everything that we stood for in terms of what we valued as a company. Thinking back on it, the theme was inevitable - quality. At its core, our hashtag captures the wide range of products that we have, but it focuses mainly on quality and how it will always be the most important part of the way we operate. It encompasses a large spectrum of all things quality, whether it's hockey tape or our service - you're always going to #StickWithTheBest.

"It's always cool to see people use our hashtag on social media, but the real treat is when someone says 'Oh, those guys at Howies are the best' - that's when the hashtag becomes real."

- Sam An, Social Media Coordinator

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Share With Us

We're active on social media, and we do our best to connect with everyone who loves our company. Our original hashtags started off with just #StickWithTheBest, but that expanded to so much more, with hashtags like #SpoilYourStick to emphasize the quality of our tape, #TreatYourTape for the added bonus of our wax, and an alternative like #SpoilYourSkates to show some love for our laces! Share your story or your experience with Howies - we truly enjoy seeing all the love and support!