Craziest Trades Of All Time

The Trade Deadline is here! Check out these trades from over the years that were absolutely crazy! 

#1: Kris Draper Trade
Draper played over 1000 games in his career for the Detroit Red Wings. Crazy to think he was acquired for only $1 from the Winnipeg Jets… He was a big time role player for Detroit over the years, and definitely worth every penny of that $1.

#2: Ray Sheppard Trade
Draper wasn’t the only $1 trade in NHL history - Ray Sheppard was dealt for the same price just 3 years earlier. He was traded from Buffalo to the NYR, and eventually signed with the Wings as a free agent.

#3: Montreal & Colorado
The Montreal Canadiens shipped Patrick Roy & Captain Mike Keane for 3 players that you may not even know… Colorado went onto win 2 cups with Roy in net, Montreal on the other hand fell off HARD following this trade.

#4: Cam Neely Trade
Vancouver packaged Neely with a 1st round pick for Barry Pederson after his first 3 seasons. Neely went onto become a Bruins legend playing 10 seasons in Boston, and was one of the most feared Power Forwards in the league.

#5: Joe Thornton Trade
The Bruins Traded away Joe Thornton and in the same year he won the Hart & the Art Ross trophy. In enhance the exchange, Boston got 3 players, 2 of which they traded away the next year…

#6: My Teammate and I
Every practice I trade my teammate some of my Howies clear tape for absolutely nothing. It’s starting to feel like an unfair deal. Every practice I give him some, and I have yet to see anything in return. I just want to help him have the highest quality tape.