Cloth Laces vs Waxed Laces

Looking for the right skate laces but not sure if you are a wax or cloth lace player? We are here to help! At Howies we like to consider ourselves pros when it comes to hockey equipment knowledge. I mean, we know it’s not true, but it makes us feel better. But when it comes to Howies products, we know the in’s, the out’s, and all of the in-betweens to help you decide what lace is best for you.

For someone who is looking at buying new laces, there are a number of reasons to choose cloth laces. Cloth laces, which are made for durability and comfort, have a softer feel and don’t have any of the stiffness that is typically associated with waxed laces. This lace can be more comfortable for someone who is new to hockey, a younger player, or one that prefers a softer lace for tying their skates up before the game. Our Cloth Laces are created and designed with high tenacity yarns, molded lace tip technology, and have multiple colors you can choose from. The technology that is put into those laces are what creates more strength and gives the laces a longer length of usage, that way you are not replacing them all the time, and still experiencing a comfortable feel for your skates on the ice. 

On the other hand we have waxed laces. Waxed laces are great for a player who is increasing their skill level or their intensity on the ice. Because these laces are created with the perfect amount of wax, they help hold your laces right where you want them for the entire game. However, the situation that most experience, is the laces tearing up their hands when it is cold, I mean who wants that, but the prize is with the pain when to take into consideration the advancement of skill the laces can give. When we created our wax laces, we created them with the same high tenacity yarns and molded lace tip technology as our cloth laces as well as adding in the perfect amount of wax to create the stiffness and hold you need without compromising the longevity of the lace.

So when choosing your laces, make sure you think about the durability, comfort, what level of performance you expect, and lace hold, but most of all make sure you are using the world’s highest quality laces from Howies!

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