Greyson Lindquist


Greyson Lindquist is a Center for the 2012 Ohio AAA Blue Jackets. He has been playing hockey for 5 years, and started playing it because he grew up watching the Blue Jackets with his dad. The Blue Jackets are his favorite team. His favorite NHL player is Connor McDavid. He likes McDavid because he is extremely fast. Greyson loves using Howies because it is the best tape out there he tells me. He said it lasts the longest. His favorite product is Howies Navy Pro Grip. Greyson was stoked about being chosen as the Howies Player of the Month, and Howies family is excited to welcome him to the team! Congrats Greyson!   

@hockeytape Congrats to Greyson Lindquist from the Columbus AAA Blue Jackets on being selected as January 2023 Howies Player of the Month! @Columbus Blue Jackets #fyp #hockey #interview #playerofthemonth #stickwiththebest ♬ original sound - Howies Hockey Tape