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Whether the player in your life needs Hockey Tape, Shin Pad Tape or Grip, our Build-A-Box lets you choose any roll you want in either a 3 Pack, 12 Pack, or 30 Pack! You pick it and we build it.

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Tape Box

Loaded Accessory Bag

Not sure what your player needs for the season? The Howies Loaded Accessory Bag has everything they need! From tape to skate stone and scissors to stick wax, this accessory bag comes pre-loaded and includes the Howies Accessory Bag!

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Howies Loaded Accessory Bag

Howies Beanies

There is nothing better than spending a day out on the rink in the dead of winter. What makes that better? The perfect beanie of course. Fit for all and designed with warmth and style, our beanies are perfect for every skate from pee wee to beer league!

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Howies Beanie

Howies Hoodies

Our hoodies were designed with comfort and style in mind. The Line Change Hoodie has clean lines and simple logo that reflect the smooth transition of a line change. The Vintage Hoodie offers the classic Howies look, but with the comfiest hoodie you will ever wear, and with so many other options, it's a no brainer to add this to your Christmas shopping list this holiday season.

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Howies Apparel


Is your player short on laces? Why not stock up during the holiday season with our Build-A-Lace-Box! With options to choose between a 4 Pack, 12 Pack, or 18 Pack, you can get any color, length and Cloth or Waxed Laces! Get them lacing up with the best this season!

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Howies Laces

Skate Blade Case

When it comes to our spare steel, we all know that tossing them in our hockey bags doesn't do them any favors. Howies new Skate Blade Case helps to protect your steel from bumps and nicks all while holding up to two spare pairs! With an easy zip access and name plate, this new holder is a must have!

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Howies Skate Blade Case

Howies Tees

From walking in to the rink to chilling on the couch on an off day, a Howies Tee makes for the perfect fit! With different colors, designs and sizes, there is a tee for everyone in the family!

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Howies Apparel

Howies Candle

Nothing smells better than Howies Stick Wax, that was until the Howies Candle was created of course! Featuring the same great Strawberry-Kiwi scent and a 25 hour burn time, this candle is perfect for filling the house with the smell of Howies or fighting off the stink of a hockey bag!

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Howies Candle

Howies Putter Cover

We already treat our steel to the best with Howies Skate Guards, why not our Putter too! Howies Putter Cover is a great gift for the hockey player who loves to hit the links in the off season!

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Howies Putter Cover

Howies Towels

From cleaning up after a big game to drying off your steel, Howies has you covered with our Bench Towel and Shower Towel! Made with 100% cotton and soft, absorbent material, these are an essential for every player!

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Howies Apparel and Bench Towel

Howies cornhole set

There is nothing sweeter than sinking a bad, dead center at the family BBQ. What makes it even more sweet you may ask? The Howies Cornhole Set of course! This set comes with two Howies boards and two sets of Howies color bags so you can show up to the summer BBQ like the MVP you are. This is sure to be a hit with any Howies fan this Christmas!

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Howies Corn Hole

Howies Skate Socks

For years we have begged not to get socks for Christmas, but this time, it's different. Howies Skate Socks just might be the only socks anyone ever asks for during the Holiday! Created with performance enhancing features and high comfort stitching, there is a sock for every player!

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Howies Socks

Howies Pro Stock Sweater

With the ODR season right around the corner, we all know we need to be repping the nastiest sweaters on the ice. Howies Pro Stock Jersey is an absolute beauty and a MUST HAVE for all players this season!

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Howies Apparel

Howies Hats

From the Lottery Pick Lid to the brand new Cross-Check Lid, there is a perfect match for the hockey player in your life! Made with snap backs to fit every noggin' in your family, it's a great gift to give this holiday season!

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Stick Taping

Howies Driver Headcover

For when you head from the rinks to the links, our new Driver Headcover is the PERFECT gift for those who love hitting drives and sniping top cheese!

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Howies Driver Head Cover

Healthy Scratch Joggers

There is nothing better than a comfy pair of joggers, that is of course why we made the Healthy Scratch Joggers. Made with the softest materials, the hockey player will not want to take these off once they put them one! Comfort from your home to the rink and worth every penny!

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Healthy Scratch Joggers

Howies E-Gift Card

Not sure what to get? Get them the gift of choosing! With Howies E-Gift Card, you can easily transfer them the Gift Card code to use online for whatever they want!

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Howies Giftcard