Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer | Job Description

Date: 09/16/2020

Title: Graphic Designer

Reports To: Marketing Director

Employment Type: Full-Time

Company Description

Howies Hockey, Inc. is a fast growing sporting goods company headquartered in Kentwood, MI with an additional distribution center just outside of Toronto, ON.  Our focus is developing & distributing the World’s Highest Quality hockey accessory products to pro shops, retail stores, junior, college, professional teams, and international distributors; along with our expanding internet sales business.  We pride ourselves on our strong teamwork-oriented culture, industry leading customer service, and ability to execute effective digital marketing campaigns for all channels – all in support of protecting the Howies premium brand.

One Thing

Continuing to grow the Howies brand by use of creative thinking, development of captivating images, outstanding photo-editing, and quick assistance in all graphic design aspects.


  • Create high-level graphic design posts and content that resonates with Howies Hockey Tape's brand voice and images.

  • Design various types of content, including, but not limited to: social media posts for seasonal sales or product releases, email banners, Facebook ads, GIFs, videos, and all social content for both desktop, mobile, and various social media platforms.

  • Create artwork for new packaging, retail displays, POP design, and maintaining consistent branding across all merchandise and advertising.

  • Work in tandem with marketing director to design and develop new apparel to keep the brand fresh.

  • Be a part of the team that oversees the creation, organization, design, and launch of annual print catalog.

  • Stays up-to-date with design, photography, social, and digital trends; proposes new technologies and sharing this knowledge with the team.

Photo Editing

  • Editing and resizing photos for e-commerce website or landing page usage for Howies Hockey and Howies Athletic Tape.
  • Editing lifestyle photography for catalog, digital marketing, and other purposes.
  • Assisting the sales team in editing custom artwork; converting images from bitmap to vector images and designing game puck templates to use each season.
  • Ensures all design layouts are optimized for digital and delivered according to specifications.

Other Duties as Assigned

  • Organization of Howies Hockey Tape images and photography folder network.
  • Working collaboratively with the marketing team to communicate new ideas and develop campaigns as situations arise.
  • Administrative or clerical duties as needed.
  • Occasional weekend work and after-hours work when applicable.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required/Preferred

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Degree in Progress in Graphic Design or a related field required.
  • Proficiency with design software and technologies (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) required.
  • Possesses a proven ability to work effectively and efficiently under multiple, competing deadlines.
  • Ability to function independently and as a productive member in a team-focused environment.
  • Have a great attitude while completing multiple tasks with changing priorities and responding to feedback and critique.
  • Excellent eye for detail.
  • Strong analytical skills.