Howies Cupped Cross-Grind Wheel Sharpening Supplies Howies Hockey Tape 1pk

Howies Cupped Cross-Grind Wheel

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Skate sharpening is more than a day job, it’s an art form. A great skate sharpener is better than any Picasso, Michelangelo, or Van Gogh out there. They produce masterpieces that lead to the greatest, dekes, goals, and saves on this here wonderful frozen planet and it’s not a stretch to say that the game of hockey wouldn’t be possible without the long hours they put into their work. Howies made our wheels with those skate sharpeners in mind… people who not only prefer the best, but refuse to accept anything but.
  • Cupped
  • Narrow/medium contact area
  • Sharp monocrystalline aluminum oxide grain
  • Versatile, economic abrasive
  • Works best at moderate to heavy feed rates
  • Built to allow free cutting on a wide range of applications and materials with outstanding form holding. When it comes to cross cutting, this wheel gets the job done