Howies Shooting Pad and 50 Puck Combo Shooting Pads Howies Hockey Tape

Howies Shooting Pad and 50 Puck Combo

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Practice makes perfect.  The more you work at your game outside the barn, the harder you grind in the rink.  Howies Shooting Pads are for those who know the game doesn't stop when you step out of the arena. Simulating the smooth surface of the ice, practicing your shooting and stickhandling has never been easier.  54" long and 26" wide, you'll have plenty of room to exercise dangles and clap bombs.  
  • 54" long, 26" Wide, 1/4" thick
  • Ultra-glossy finish imitates ice perfectly
  • Handle makes for easy transport
  • Beveled edges for seamless floor-to-board puck transition
  • 50 Pucks Included
  • Pucks made in Slovakia